SEAS develops decision support tools and services based on advanced evaluation methodology. Proven over years in areas from procurement to urban and conservation planning, our unique approach has helped clients optimize decisions and explain their choices.

Who we are

We are decision support experts and inventors of a unique decision engineering framework – LSP. Developed and refined in practice by leading experts in the evaluation field, LSP powers all of our software tools and ranking engines. Based in San Francisco, SEAS’ team brings decades of decision support, software development and explainable AI expertise to complex evaluation situations.

What we do

We help clients reach optimal decisions. Our tools capture complex human decision logic, and reapply this logic to selection decisions. SEAS provides a full spectrum of advanced decision support tools and consulting services to augment customers’ domain expertise with decision logic expertise.

LSP Methodology

Our unique evaluation methodology — LSP (Logic Scoring of Preference) — uses graded logic to precisely and completely express the needs of stakeholders. With hundreds of sophisticated criterion functions and the power to handle tradeoffs and exceptions, LSP methodology offers a proven advantage over other methods in use today.


We offer a decision engineering framework aligned with explainable AI principles. Our software tools are based on sophisticated mathematical foundations and practice-tuned LSP methodology, published in top peer-reviewed journals and books.


Check your zip code! Heat maps show location suitability for: shopping & dining, entertainment, education, walking, healthy living, retirement, urban/business development, and much more. Customize criteria to build your own suitability map.
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LSPmed helps physicians and patients quantify disease severity and patient disability.  In addition to tracking patient wellness, it helps patients better understand the trade-offs of treatment options.
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See how San Francisco neighborhoods compare across 11 living criteria! Or get an aggregate score for a specific address.  Free for non-commercial use.
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Explains in simple language the strengths and weaknesses of different alternatives, and justifies rankings. Please contact info [at] seas.com to learn more.


An integrated decision support system for development, maintenance, and use of LSP criteria. LSP.NT users can create and use any number of evaluation projects.  Free Demo account.
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LSP Web provides a full software environment for criteria gathering, data upload and evaluation.  This webapp-fronted professional toolset can be augmented with additional professional evaluator tools (ANSY- Analysis and Synthesis of Complex Criteria, LSP Sensitivity Analyzer, different specialized Aggregation Operators and evaluations engines — some available via REST API).
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You can reach us via  i n f o 2  a t  s e a s  d o t  c o m