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SEAS develops decision support tools that bring intelligent automation to the decision-making process. SEAS core products are designed to integrate with selection-driven applications, such as procurement and supply-chain applications, to help end-users systematically determine the best selection among many complex choices.

SEAS has developed analytical applications that facilitate supplier comparison and selection, price negotiation tools that help buyers negotiate with suppliers, and a consulting approach that ensures successful implementation of the products and maximum return on investment. Built on superior technology that allows the user to select and control all of the complex variables for product selection and negotiation, it helps enterprise buyers make sound purchasing decisions that can be quantified, documented, and justified.

SEAS ranking engine stands out among decision support tools as:

  •  The only tool based on replicating complex human decision logic instead of approximating decisions through linear scoring methodologies such as weighted average
  •  The only tool to provide verbalized and documented decisions


Simplifying Decisions, NOT Decision Logic

The SEAS solution is based on Logic Scoring of Preference (LSP), a quantitative method used for evaluation, optimization, comparison, and selection of general complex systems. This method captures user preferences, represents complex logical relationships between them, and uses an aggregate function to accurately rank options. The method is supported by continuous logic foundations and involves a systematic process to refine user criteria, quantify preferences, and handle interdependencies between preferences. Unlike most competing technologies, the LSP method treats cost as a standalone factor that can be dynamically manipulated during the evaluation. Cost/preference analysis is a separate step of the evaluation process. This allows buyers to use SEAS modeling techniques for price optimization and bid negotiation. Similarly, sellers can use SEAS technology for profit optimization in competitive bidding environments.

SEAS' core product is a compartmentalized middle-tier ranking engine that can easily be integrated into existing purchasing software or with other enterprise applications. The core product, in conjunction with SEAS' Sourcing Methodology Consulting Services, is also sold directly to customers. This streamlined, quantifiable consulting approach entails a rapid, precise assessment of customers' needs and then implementation of the most appropriate configuration for the core product.

SEAS Software Products
SEAS decision support technology is supported by the following software products:

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